Interpreter or captions provided for all programming.


Multiple interactive activities all day! This is one of the IMsLBB Zoom rooms for the weekend. Click the "Channel 1 - Interactive" link for access.


The 2021 live stream works just like Leather TV. This one-way channel includes videos, panels, and more. 


So much going on we have 2 Zoom rooms! Activities all day including prizes, Q&As with educators. 


Friday and Saturday parties hosted on freeQ - Freedom for Queers. This platform hosts weekly parties and so much more. Visit the IMsLBB 2021 party page for details!

In an effort to better serve the underrepresented parts of the Leather Community, IMsLBB is providing Tracked Content all weekend long. Specific classes and activities will be geared towards: Under 35, BIPOC, Deaf/HOH, Para-abled & Neurodivergent, and Trans Women.

IMsLBB respects the identity of all individuals. If you do not identify with those groups, please refrain from attending those sessions. Thank you for your understanding.

Tracked content is advertised only within the track groups. Make sure to join the tracked groups that you identify with for more information!