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Inside the Leather Jacket

As a college student, Janet Ryan was the photographer for a feminist newspaper.  She discovered her kinky side while photographing a story about sexism in advertising. The “offensive” photos were beautiful to her. She came out to her lesbian community and was mostly accepted but probably not understood.

In the late 80’s, Ryan started photographing events like the Marches on Washington, Living in Leather and IMsL, first as a freelancer and later as staff. Through the years, she traveled to many exciting events, especially ones that were women focused.
In 2019, Ryan participated in a march against gun violence, her first action since protesting the invasion of Iraq in 2003. When Black Lives Matter began having actions, she documented speakers, youth dancers, musicians and activists. When Kansas was voting on access to reproductive care, she documented the protests and marches.  Missouri will be voting on abortion rights in the next election. Wash, rinse, repeat!

In Kansas City, she helped start a chapter of National Leather Association, helped create Heart of America Leather Contest and is a long time member of the KC Pioneers. She helps run a dungeon party in KC for women and all trans people. We include trans men at our dungeon party because that is what works for us.
She wishes to share her knowledge of copyrights and models releases to better protect our images.
Janet is looking forward to writing the story of the photos and finding a safe way to share them with you. 

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