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Kinky Craft

Ran by Shilo

Looking to flag for flirting and fun? KinkyCraft combines the classic hanky aesthetic with kinky functionality by designing and selling creative flagging solutions! Signal your desires and/or identity with a custom embroidered pocket hanky, a bow tie, a KinkyCraft original Femme Flagging Flower, and more. Come talk to our staff to discover how to use the Hanky Code as a gateway to play negotiations and consider ways to personalize your flagging to suit your individuality.

To schedule your appointment with this vendor, visit their member page and chat with them! The vendor will work with you to meet in the zoom room for your breakout experience! If you need ASL interpretation during your shopping experience, please let your vendor know during your chat.

Flagging Flowers
Custom Embroidered Hanky
Bow tie
Flagging Flowers
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