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Wanna shine at International Ms Leather & International Ms Bootblack 2024? You’ve got until March 24 to apply!

You must be:

  • Weirdly enthusiastic about rubbing on leather and/or latex

  • Able to work a 3 hour shift at the stands/table

  • Registered for IMsLBB (no discounts available)


People of color, women, femmes, trans folks, and disabled folks are especially encouraged to apply. Bootblacks keep 100% of their tips. 


Key Dates:


  • Application Opens: March 10

  • Application Deadline: March 24

  • Applicants Contacted: March 28

  • Schedule Confirmed: April 4

  • Schedule Released to the Public: April 8


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I sign up for multiple shifts?

    • Yes, but not consecutively. Bootblacks working multiple shifts must have at least 3 hours between each shift. 


  • Do I have to donate my tips?

    • No, bootblacks at IMsLBB keep 100% of their tips.


  • Does bootblacking count as volunteer time?

    • Bootblacking does not count as a volunteer shift. Bootblack shifts (3 hours) will happen in addition to, not in lieu of, volunteer shifts (2+ hours). 

  • What if my bootblack shift overlaps with my class or volunteer shift?

    • It is your responsibility to ensure that they don’t. Be mindful of your existing schedule when scheduling bootblacking shifts.


  • Am I required to bootblack for anyone who walks up?

    • No. Please include any concerns/preferences about guests in your stand in your response to the question about accommodations on the application. Note: any requested accommodation stemming from an oppressive mindset – one that perpetuates non-consensual dynamics between marginalized groups and their counterparts – will not be accepted. For specific instances of harm, please provide details in the designated section.


  • I’m a titleholder. Can I have extra stand time or only work during peak hours?

    • While we strive to create an inclusive and fair environment, we do give some priority to previous IMsBB titleholders. However, all bootblacks, including titleholders, will follow the same application and scheduling process.


  • Can I apply if I’m a baby bootblack?

    • If you feel ready to work the stands, yes! Newer bootblacks will be scheduled to work alongside more experienced bootblacks. If you’re not sure, drop by the stands during the event! We’ll have opportunities for new bootblacks to shadow more experienced ones, learn about products, and meet others throughout the weekend. 


  • Can I make appointments during my shift? 

    • No. The stands operate on a ticket system – the person with the lowest ticket at any given moment is next in line. If you want a specific person to sit for you during your shift, make sure they visit the stands early to get a low-numbered ticket! Otherwise, the stands will be available for public use early mornings and evenings each day; feel free to schedule appointments during this time.


  • Will there still be an opportunity for me to work the stands if I don’t apply beforehand?

    • There will be opportunities to sign up to bootblack each morning. Limited slots available. Otherwise, bootblacks are welcomed to use the stands outside of scheduled hours each day. 

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact the Bootblack Coordinator at

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