People of Color Kink & Leather Experience and International Ms Leather & International Ms Bootblack team up to bring you a very special:


Join us for a day filled with history, Leather, cooking, kink, classes, art, and conversations as we raise funds for POCKLE and IMsLBB! Help us continue providing accessible content year-round! 

Our telethon will feature the Menopause panel filmed for IMsLBB 2021 moderated by TheGoddess Indigo and featuring Mama Vi, Judy Tallwing-McCarthey, Mistress Mir, Mistress Max Rulz, Mistress Jill Carter, and Shann Carr. 

Other programming includes:
• Learn some wonderful recipes from Jackie Thompson and Robert Bowden
• Listen in about POC Leather history from Graylin Thornton, Mama Vi, and Kinkerbell
• Take a deep dive into “Black Leather in Color” with Sir Damien and some of his ONYX Brothers
• Watch kinky drawing with Pup Shade
• Pick up the 101 basics of anal prep with Xir Oya 

Catch the telethon streaming from 12 pm EDT to 9 pm EDT on one of the following websites or social media outlets:

International Deaf Leather (IDL) announced to dissolve the organization.

“During the past thirty years, the International Deaf Leather – formerly National Leather Association – Deaf Chapter (NLA-Deaf Chapter) transition to IDL as well, have been proud to support and foster multiple leather people with our IDL titleholders, contestants, supporters along with 7 founders – 4 have retired and 3 have passed away so that leave me a sole founder of IDL. It is time for me to retire from this organization. The 7 founders are Philip Rubin, Rolf Hagton, Bobby Andrascik, Michael Felts - deceased, Jim Dunne - deceased, Charles Wilkinson - deceased and me.

It is with heavy heart that International Deaf Leather (IDL) Core Committee have made the decision that it is time for IDL to dissolve the club. With today’s technology that have change and impacted our organization big time.

We want to express the deepest thanks to everyone who has been a part of our organization for past 30 years with your great support and appreciation.

We the core committee have decide to split our funds into two group. They are Mid Atlantic Deaf Interpreters Fund (MAD-IF) and International Ms. Leather Black Boot (IMsLBB) for Deaf Interpreter Fund.

Thank you once again for all your love, support and celebrated with us for these 30 years.”

—posted on the behalf of one founder, Bob D-Pirc