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Educate at IMsLBB 2024!

Thank you for taking the time to be part of the International Ms Leather and International Ms Bootblack (IMsLBB) Weekend and for wanting to share your skills and abilities with the attendees! Your participation is essential to the programming we hope to offer. We hope the following guidelines provide you with more insight into the process for prospective and selected educators.


Key Dates:


December 3: Workshop/panel application opens 

Monday, January 8th: Workshop application closes/due


End of January: Decisions released

End of February: Educator registration deadline

Friday, March 8th: ASL outlines due

Friday, May 3rd: Workshop/panel feedback deadline

Friday, May 10th: Workshop/panel feedback released to educators


Application Process


The application for this year can be found HERE.  Please be prepared to provide the following information when you submit your application:

  • Legal name, scene name, email, and pronouns of lead presenter or panelist

  • Presenter identification with underrepresented communities

    • This information will be used to determine eligibility to present tracked or exclusive classes, which are only open to members of an underrepresented community (e.g. a makeup class for transgender women).  All presenters of exclusive or tracked classes must identify as a member of the underrepresented community they are hoping to present to (this includes co-presenters, demo bottoms, etc.)

  • Bios (75 words or less each for lead presenter and co-presenter(s) or panelists)

  • Co-presenter(s)’s legal name, scene name, email, pronouns, and identification with underrepresented communities

    Workshop/panel title

  • Workshop/panel duration

  • Workshop/panel difficulty

  • Desire to have workshop tracked or exclusive to an underrepresented community

    • Please keep in mind that if your workshop is selected as a tracked or exclusive class, it must remain tracked or exclusive.  Conversely, if you desire to have your class tracked or presented as an exclusive workshop, you are still eligible to be selected as a non-tracked class (with your approval).

  • Location where the workshop is expected to take place

    • Onsite

    • Live but virtual (US or international based)

      • Virtual classes can only be presented by educators who will not be onsite for the event

    • Pre-recorded and streamed during the event

  • Time zone (you’ll be presenting from during the event)

  • Availability restrictions

  • Interactive or lecture/demo style workshop?

    • For lecture/demo workshops, we will also ask if you are able to record your workshop or panel in advance

  • Workshop/panel description (100 words or less)

  • Tech or onsite needs

  • Content warnings or advisories

  • Strategies for outreach to and ensuring the safety of underrepresented communities

  • Advertising blurb (100 words or less)

  • Promo images

  • Headshot(s) for each presenter

  • Presenter release

    • All presenters, panelists and demo bottoms are required to complete a filming release which applies to the duration of the workshop or panel ONLY.  This is so workshops or panels can be streamed to digital participants and our live captioning service, and for quality assurance purposes. This is a requirement for teaching at IMsLBB. This means that if you are unable to be filmed during your class or panel, you, unfortunately, cannot present at IMsLBB.  More details are provided about this within the actual release, but feel free to reach out if you have additional questions.  


Process for Selected Educators

Once selected, educators will NEED to complete or participate in the following steps:

  • Confirm Intention to Present: Emails will be sent notifying all applicants of the decisions for programming. Selected educators will be asked to confirm their intention to present, as well as review and confirm their workshop details.

  • Event Registration: Once confirmed, selected educators will receive a link to register for the event at no cost. This link should only be used by you and your co-presenter(s). 

    • Please note: If you have co-presenters/panelists/demo bottoms, each workshop is allowed up to 1 complimentary basic registration for single presenters and 2 complimentary basic registrations for 2+ people, which can be divided up as you choose. 

      • For example, 1 registration to the presenter and 50% off each to the 2 demo bottoms. The exception to this is for panels, in which case each panelist will receive 1 complimentary basic registration.

  • Create your profile on the IMsLBB Website: Once registered, you will receive an email from the Tech Department to create a member profile and gain access to the IMsLBB community website (this action will occur only if you do not have a member profile already on the IMsLBB platform). You can use this as an opportunity to upload pictures, interact with other registered attendees, and promote your workshop or panel participation on your profile, community groups, and forums. If needed, the Tech Department has options set up for privacy and anonymity surrounding member profiles detailed in the accompanying email.

  • (Optional) Workshop Handout(s): You will be able to upload any handouts that you have for the appropriate IMsLBB Departments to prep and support your workshop/panel. If you would like to share these handouts with attendees, they can also be uploaded to an existing group on the IMsLBB platform.

  • ASL Outline: Please prepare a brief class outline that includes words that ASL interpreters may not be familiar with or commonly sign. Outlines should be uploaded for the appropriate IMsLBB Departments to prep and support your workshop/panel.  Workshop handouts may also suffice as an ASL outline provided they include unfamiliar words.

  • Educator Info Session (Virtual): There will be a live, educator information session to answer any questions and provide additional details about what educators can expect during the event weekend. Representatives from the Education, ASL, Tech, and Volunteer Teams will be in attendance. The meeting usually lasts no longer than an hour.  You will have the opportunity to submit questions prior to the meeting via a webform. If you are unable to attend, we will email out a recording of the meeting.


If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact the Education Department at

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