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Consent and Harassment Policy

The IMsLBB Production team strives for a robust consent policy to keep our event attendees as safe as possible when attending our events. We require all staff members, volunteers and attendees to adhere to this policy at all times.

  • Never touch someone else, their toys, props or property without asking and receiving permission.

  • Remember that NO means NO. Silence is Not Consent: if they don’t say “yes” then it’s a “no.”

  • Everyone should fully understand both the desires and the boundaries of the other participants in any activities they may engage in.

  • Everyone should freely consent to who will be involved in any activities prior to beginning.

  • Everyone is free to withdraw prior consent at any time during the activity. Stay aware and respond when and if consent in any activities changes.

  • Everyone should have an agreed-upon word or signal (called a “safe word”) to clearly express their desire to stop, even if it’s simply “stop” or “no.”

  • Consent must be freely given, and not coerced, forced or manipulated from someone.

  • Please find a radioed staff to contact security if a consent issue arises.

  • If at ANY time you are asked to stop ANY activity by ANY person, please stop immediately. Once you have stopped doing whatever it was you were doing, then you can have a conversation about what the issue is. Practice personal accountability.

If you have any issues requiring attention, contact IMsLBB Security before you contact the hotel's staff. If you have any non-security issues with the hotel staff, please ask any IMsLBB staff member to contact Mademoiselle Ceci or Security over the IMsLBB radio system.

Practice common sense and common courtesy towards all people at all times, including the hotel staff.

IMsLBB reserves the right to remove individuals from our events for violation of any aspects of this policy.

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